August 14, 2019

Lucy and Marc

Lucy and Marc have been together for 18 years and married for 16. At first they believed having kids was not in the cards for them. It just didn’t happen. Lucy and Marc went on with life traveling and exploring and enjoying the many freedoms that couples without children have. Then one day 16 years into marriage life changed. They are now excited to say they are having their first child. Spoiler alert, it’s a girl! Not only is this couple ready for a child but they now know they can provide the life this little girl deserves.  

Lucinda Flint Photography and the couple set out for Valley of Fire to do a maternity photography session. Lucy and Marc walked on the rocks with the sunlight shining behind them. It was a beautiful day with perfect weather. The images captured have a unique to the area rock landscape that has now been made into beautiful artwork for the walls of the couples new Las Vegas home. Newborn session of baby girl coming up!

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